House Rules

Just a quick listing of some of the game modifications we implement during our friendly games.

Rulesets/Army Building

  • Game rules generally come from the ORB and sourcebooks, not the Hobbit rulebook.
    • Exception: the Hobbit rules for monster "brutal attacks," hammers (for Grimhammers only - due to having paid for a 2nd weapon), and 8" range for throwing spears, are in effect.
  • Army Building can follow either the Warbands scheme, or LOME with at least 1/3 of your points being spent on at least two heroes and all alliance restrictions in effect.
  • LOME adaptations to accommodate new lists (all The Hobbit armies are permitted to ally with each other):
    • Thorin's Company, Thror's Army and Champions of Erebor can ally with Arnor, Rivendell, The Wanderers in the Wild, The Wizards, and The Eagles
    • Elrond's Household has the same allies as the Rivendell LOME list (to include Rivendell)
    • Mirkwood has the same allies as the Thranduil's Halls LOME list (to include Thranduil's Halls)
    • Garrison of Dale, Army of Laketown and Survivors of Laketown can ally with Arnor, Rivendell, Thranduil's Halls,  The Wanderers in the Wild, The Wizards, The Eagles, Minas Tirith and Riders of Eorl
    • The Trolls, Goblin Town, Denizens of Mirkwood and Azog's Hunters armies are permitted to ally with each other and with the following LOME lists: Moria, The Dwellers Below, Angmar, Dunland, Dol Guldur,  Khandish Mercenaries, The Corsair Fleets, Monsters of Middle Earth, and The Nazgul.


    • Scenarios that give points for wounding/killing the army leader grant 0 pts for wounding the army leader and 2 points for killing the army leader.
    • For deployment, the maximum distance from board edge is typically 12-18" (in some tournaments, this has been further constrained to 6"-12"), not 24".

Profile Adjustments and Optional Rules

  • Wild Wargs are treated as cavalry in regards to the "extra attack" and "knocked to the ground" rules (because it's cool). As cavalry, they are affected by Radagast's "Panic Steed" spell.


  1. Rumor has it that GW will be making revisions to the LOTR Army lists in the coming year. Will you guys be changing over to those lists if/when they occur?
    New rules may be in the offing for 2018, so do you think you'll be transitioning to those from the Blue Book at that time?

    1. I think I speak for all the admins on this, but we make decisions as they come. Since we've all invested a good bit of money into the hobby already, we don't accept changes that make certain units much, MUCH worse (for example, we don't use the spell alterations in the Hobbit SBG because of what they did to Fury, Transfix/Immobilize, Command/Compel...though I personally am okay with the changes, they really hurt Shamans/Nazgul for the majority of our players). When we see the new rules, we'll make a call...right guys?