Thursday, January 2, 2014

Where the Wild Things Are: Warg Conversions, Part I

After a restful vacation (read, waking up with my son at 2:00 or 3:00am each morning because he took a while transitioning from EST to PST), we're back into the hobby, today focusing on my Wild Wargs, two of which are being converted into Wild Warg Chieftains. The conversions for these models is going to focus mostly on basing for now, but I'm going to be adding details to them later (what to do, still to be decided).

The theme for these guys comes from a one-season Warner Brothers cartoon show:
If you've heard of the Road Rovers, I'm impressed. So today, I'm going to be showing you the original picture of the six main characters from the Road Rovers and their Warg companions.
1) Wild Warg Chieftain #1: Hunter
Hunter was the leader of the pack and was an American Shepherd. His Warg comrade is brown with silver flicks in his pelt. He also took a while to bond to his rock and won't easily benefit from in-the-way benefits (but who does in a Goblin army?). The nature of this WWC, however, isn't to hide for long. One of your power units is going to be shot-up pretty good (unless your foe chooses to let the wreck havoc and focuses on your grunts), so I'm offering up this one to be killed or look really good killing infantry.

2) Wild Warg Chieftain #2: Shag

When Hunter wasn't around, Shag was the unofficial lieutenant. Shag was one of two dog son the crew who didn't have any lines. This warg chieftain is a bit less reckless and more dependable. Shag also cobbled up some interesting grenade launchers for the crew, and so the base of this WWC's model has some "spare parts" left over from his last few victims. He also has black skin, since an all-white model is boring to look at.

3) Wild Warg: Exile

Exile was a Siberian Husky from Russia and was their pilot. I don't have a base ready for him yet (still working the logistics on that one), but like all of the Wild Wargs I model, they're not going to be elevated above their normal base - far too sweet of a target for any enemy archer. Small detail: Exile could cast blue eye-beams (don't know how), so the Wild Warg pictured here will have blue eyes too.

4) Wild Warg: Blitz

If you didn't watch the show for Muzzle, you watched it for Blitz. Blitz was a Doberman Pincher from Germany and though very muscular, he was a bit of a pansy. At least one of my Wild Wargs will probably be slotted to scramble to an unclaimed objective or be a speed-bump for an enemy hero. This will be the role of Blitz...sorry in advance.

5) Wild Warg: Colleen

Colleen was a British Border Collie and had a huge crush on Hunter (which, being a kids TV show, he reciprocated). Colleen was a nimble fighter and frequently beat up on Blitz when he tried to flirt with her. Her warg counterpart will also be trying to jump into combat, knock down a few victims, and cause general mayhem. Here's to hoping she doesn't meet a blade that moves faster than she does...

6) Wild Warg: Muzzle

Muzzle was the secret weapon of the Road Rovers - he was too vicious to leave running free, so he was strapped to a gurney that he bounced around in until the team let him loose (usually preceded by someone on the team saying, "Let's Muzzle 'Em!"). This team's Muzzle is going to be saved for latent power, rushing around the flank of a foe and causing mass chaos. And yes, there's no brown on this one...didn't like how the white pelt, brown skin looked. Sorry, mate...

In the next post, I'm going to return to the Goblin list and finally get to the post on Goblin heroes that I talked about last June. Until that time, go see the Hobbit if you haven't see it already and happy hobbying!

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