Monday, February 27, 2012

Shields up!

My elven shields arrived over the weekend. Just a quick coat of metallic paint and a dousing in Thraka green wash (GW) and we're good to go!

I ordered them online from Scibor Miniatures. Considering they were shipping from Poland, I wasn't expecting them to arrive for another week. I think think they are made from some sort of resin, which make them sturdier than plastic, but a trifle bit harder to trim. They required a little cleanup to remove the excess flash, but overall I was very impressed with them. They are just the right size for LOTR miniatures and the detail on them is great. 

My elven force is one step closer to completion, and I'm very glad for the progress. After 3 weeks of it, I'm getting kinda tired of painting elves. =P

Rivendell shieldwall

The rest of the weekend was spent on a terrain project. More details to come.


  1. Those conversions really come together with the shields on.

    Did you use cork for the rock on the bases?

  2. Nice work, Zorro -- really looking forward to seeing the army in a few weeks!

  3. Nice touch, Zorro...really looking forward to _not_ fighting the army in a few weeks. :P

  4. Thanks for the feedback!

    James - I use small pine bark wood chips. I coat them with superglue before painting to seal them, and then just glue them on with a _very_ thin layer of gorilla glue and put sand around. I find the gg holds better than PVA glue.

    Tiberius - yeah, I'm kinda okay that I'm not facing off against your dwarves either. =P