Sunday, April 3, 2016

Announcing: TMAT GT 2016!

Time to announce the opening of registration for the fifth annual Tell Me A Tale Grand Tournament! This tournament is a small 1-day independent tournament for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game and will be played on Saturday, May 7, 2016 in Purcellville, Virginia starting at 10am (players are asked to arrive at least 20-30 min early for check-in and setup). LOTR SBG players in the greater D.C. area and beyond are welcome to attend, but are asked to register NLT Apr 30. The tournament is free to play and the rules for the tournament are provided below.

1. Gameplay

(1.1) The ruleset and FAQ/Errata from the One Rulebook (ORB) and warbands sourcebooks will preside over the tournament along with the TMAT House rules listed in the tab above. Apart from the rules adopted in the house rules, the Hobbit ruleset will not be used; however the armies and models may be used. It is the responsibility of the player using the new models to provide their full profiles on the day of the tournament.
(1.2) The tournament will consist of three games - each will have a time limit of 90 min. At the end of 90 min, players will be permitted to finish their current round and tally points.
(1.3) Once started, the time clock will only be stopped if two players have a significant disagreement on a particular rule (line of sight, special rules for a unit, etc.), in which case all games will stop and the other competitors will mediate/look up what the proper ruling is. If a resolution is unable to be established in a short time period, a roll-off will be cast to determine the ruling for that particular game.
(1.4) There will be approximately 15 minutes between games for players to move to the next table, refresh themselves, turn in their scoring data, etc. and there will be a 60 min break for lunch following Round 1.
(1.5) Upon check-in the day of, players will draw a number and be assigned to randomized opponents and boards. The boards you are assigned to will determine scenarios played.
(1.6) Scenarios will be a mix of Warband and LOME based scenarios with minor modifications. See Section 3 for scenario details. Scenarios played will be determined by the table you are on.
(1.7) Battle Points are earned as follows: Major win: 10pts, Minor win: 8pts, Draw: 6pts, Minor loss: 4pts, Major loss: 2pts.
(1.8) Additional Battle points can be earned by: 1) Accomplishing various Oaths of Battle in-game with your Army leader (see 4.1); 2) Kudos points from your opponent (see 4.2) 3) Secret Objectives completed each round (see 4.3).

2. Army building

(2.1) Army size will be 600pts, 60 model limit. Your army must contain a clearly designated Army leader.
(2.2) Armies may be constructed either using the Warbands scheme or using a modified LOME scheme with at least 200 points (33% of total) spent on at least 2 heroes and all LOME alliance restrictions in effect.
(2.3) For the purposes of deployment, LOME armies will be broken into 3 detachments of at least 6 models (if your army contains fewer than 18 models, divide as evenly as possible). These detachments will be treated as warbands for the purposes of deployment and any scenario rules that refer to "warbands." These detachments must be designated prior to the tournament and will be submitted with your army roster. If you have insufficient heroes to provide a leader for each detachment, nominate a model to "lead" the deployment for any detachment without a hero. All models in a detachment will be deployed within 6" of the leader.
(2.4) For newer post-LOME models that do not show up on the old army lists, use common sense to determine which list they would fall under. Feel free to contact the tournament organizer if you have questions as to whether a new model is allowed in a certain LOME list. Please consult the House rules page for the adopted LOME alliance structure for the new Hobbit army lists.
(2.5) WYSIWYG - equip your models appropriately. Proxy models are permitted only if specially purchased/converted/clearly established for that role permanently. (e.g. no "counts as, but only for this tournament" substitutions. If you want to field a particular character, invest the time/$ to do so). Exception: generic Nazgul models may be used as named Nazgul as long as it is clear to your opponent what they represent.

3. Scenarios

(3.1) For all scenarios, scoring rules regarding the opponent's army leader will be modified to the following as applicable: 0 Victory Points are scored for wounding the enemy leader. 2 Victory Points are scored for killing the enemy leader.
(3.2) Depending on the number of participants, the following scenarios will be used (in order of precedence)
(A) Tempt the Fates: To the Death variant. Wipe out your opponents to win! Play continues to 25%.
1) Setup: Each player receives an allotment of 3 tokens. These represent the players Doom Pool.
2) Deployment: Warbands/Detachments are placed on opposing board edges within 6" of the board edge on the roll of 1-3, and within 12" of the board edge on the roll of 4-6.
3) Scoring: 3 Points for breaking your enemy, or score 5 points if your opponent is broken and you are not. An additional 2 VPs are awarded if the opponent has been driven to 25% of their starting force at game end. Score 2 points for killing the army leader. Score 2 points for having a banner in your army at the end of the game.
Special Rules: Doom on You!: Doom tokens can be spent to alter any roll made by the player, except rolls made by heroes (but including priority rolls or in-game roll-offs). Each token spent can alter a single die by +/-1 in the same manner as might points. Players can spend multiple tokens on the same roll. At the end of the round, add any used Doom tokens to your opponent's Doom pool.  

(B) Domination: Scenario setup, play and scoring uses the rules from the Warband sourcebooks with the following exception for setup: Opponents select opposite corners of the board rather than board edges. All warbands/detachments are deployed within 18" of their corner.
(C) Storm the Camp: Advance into the enemy territory and claim it for your own! Game ends at 25%. Setup: Opponents select opposite corners of the board and all warbands/detachments are deployed within 18" of their corner.
Scoring: 1 point if the enemy is broken, or 3 points if they are broken and your army is not. Score 1 point per model within 24" of the opponent's corner at game end.
(D) Hold Ground: Scenario setup, play and scoring uses the rules from the Warband sourcebooks with one exception: play continues to 25%.

4. Additional Scoring

(4.1) Oaths of Battle: For each game, after deployment select 1 Oath not previously sworn and announce it to your opponent. If both players achieve their oath: score 1 Battle Point, If neither player achieves their oath: score 0 Battle Points, Only one player achieves: that player scores 2 Battle Points. 3 bonus Battle Points are awarded if a player fulfills their oath each game:
Blood-sworn Enemy: Choose an enemy hero - he is your arch enemy and they must die on the field of battle before the end of the game
Future King: Your army leader must continue to lead his force at the end of the game, neither slain nor "heroically departed."
Chivalry in Battle: Your army leader must fight the enemy leader in melee combat for at least one round and survive (die being rolled on each side). Your army leader may not use the shielding rules in this effort.
Line in the Sand: Nominate a piece of terrain within 12" of your opponent's board edge (or place a marker if there is no suitable terrain). Your leader must end its move in base contact with it at least once during the game.
Battle Prowess: Your army leader must kill more models than your opponent's army leader.

(4.2) Kudos: At any point during your game, up to 3 categories may be awarded by your opponent once per game, worth 0.5 battle pts each (maximum of 1.5 battle points per game). Your opponent is not obligated to give the maximum kudos - or any kudos at all. They must be earned.
Hope Rises: A non-named figure acts in a way that both players agree was awesome. (Example: Your uruk captain just used a might point to shoot into a combat and kill his own troop - thus opening up a previously concealed Legolas to 6 xbow shots!)
Lead by Example: A named hero acts in a way that both players agree was awesome. (Example: Eomer just called 3 successive heroic combats to catapult himself to the rescue of your banner!)
Master Plan: Perform a maneuver that causes your opponent to be impressed (for good or ill) by the strategy. (Your elf cavalry just rode around behind the opponent's line and dismounted in order to shield their opponents into difficult terrain - thus clearing a path to the objective!)
Fortune's Favor: Experience a very lucky streak of dice rolling that is acknowledged by both players (Example: your orc archer just passed 2 in the ways to wound a D7 unit!)
The Dice are trying to Kill Me: Experience a very unlucky streak of dice rolling that is acknowledged by both players (Example: your mounted Nazgul had its mount slain, was thrown to the ground, failed both fate rolls and broke its wraithish neck!)

(4.3) Secret Objectives: Each round, a secret objective will be randomly shuffled out to players for the chance to win extra Battle Points that round. These objectives do not impact the outcome of your current game, but add to your overall tournament score. Your secret objective is not to be revealed to your opponent until game end. Each successfully completed secret objective is worth 2 Battle Points.

5. Registration:

(5.1) Registration is done via the comments below. Post your army list and note your army leader and indicate how it is organized under the appropriate LOME or Warbands rules. Once a list is posted it may not be revised. If the posted list does not comply with the guidelines given, the Tournament Director reserves the right to make minor ad hoc corrections to facilitate compliance.
(5.2) On the day of the tournament you must provide a hard copy of your army roster with: 1) A complete army list organized by warband (or detachment for LOME armies) with the army leader designated; 2) The complete profile stats of all units in your army; 3) Total model count, army broken point and 25% level of your army (all fractions are rounded down - a 31 model army is broken when reduced to 15, 25% when reduced to 7 models)
Players who fail to provide their army roster on tournament day as outlined will not be allowed to participate until they produce the required roster. If this should delay the first game, they will be credited with a major loss and their opponent will automatically be awarded a major win.

For any questions regarding the above, feel free to ask away in the comments below. We're looking forward to yet another great tournament. Let the games (and modeling/painting flurry) begin!

- Z


  1. so after a lot of back-and-forthing, and many coin flips later, going to run with something fun (probably not especially competitive for the scenarios, but some fun toys):

    The Desert's Sting (LOME: The Nazgul + The Serpent Horde + The Dwellers Below)

    Detachment 1
    The Betrayer - Army Leader
    7 Venomblade Warriors
    1 Haradrim Warrior with Banner
    6 Haradrim Warriors with Bow and Spear
    3 Abrakhan Guards

    Detachment 2
    Haradrim Taskmaster
    6 Venomblade Warriors
    5 Haradrim Warriors with Bow and Spear
    3 Abrakhan Guards

    Detachment 3
    Wild Warg Chieftain
    6 Wild Wargs

    40 Models, 600pts

  2. Not to let Zorro's army sit alone on the boards for a while, here's what I'm running (also not built for pure competition, but really want to get the King's Champion some field testing):

    The Moria Expedition (Warbands: Durin's Folk)

    Warband 1
    The King's Champion (with 2 Heralds) - Army Leader
    3 Dwarf Warriors with shields
    3 Dwarf Warriors with Dwarf bows
    2 Khazad Guards
    2 Dwarf Rangers with bows

    Warband 2
    Balin with Durin's Axe
    4 Dwarf Warriors with shields
    2 Khazad Guard
    5 Dwarf Rangers with throwing axes
    1 Dwarf Ranger with bow

    Warband 3
    Dwarf Shield-Bearer
    4 Dwarf Warriors with shields
    4 Dwarf Warriors with Dwarf bows
    2 Khazad Guards
    2 Dwarf Rangers with bows

    39 Models, 600pts

  3. Alrighty...I'll bite and showcase the army I've been painting in all my spare time - still got a few more to go, but they should be battle ready before the tournament, :)

    The Fiefdoms of Gondor (Fiefdoms, Warbands)

    Warband 1
    -Angbor the Fearless (Army Leader): 55 pts
    -5 Clansmen of Lamedon
    -7 Warriors of the Dead with shields

    Warband 2
    -Captain of Dol Amroth
    -10 Blackroot Vale Archers

    Warband 3
    -Captain of Dol Amroth
    -6 Warriors of the Dead with shields
    -6 Warriors of the Dead with shields/spears

    37 models, 595 pts, 6 Might

  4. Alright, alright. I'll post my army. The army that has been planned and set for the past six months. Regardless of how well it does, it’s gonna be so much fun. Here goes:
    The Sons of Rulers (Warbands: Minas Tirith + Arnor + Rohan + The Fiefdoms)
    Warband 1:
    Boromir, Captain of the White Tower (army leader)

    Warband 2:

    Warband 3:

    Warband 4:
    √Čomer, Knight of the Pelonnor with armored horse

    Warband 5:
    Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth with armored horse and lance.

    5 Models, 600 points.

    1. It'll be interesting to face Boromir without his shield and the twins without heavy armor - don't think I've ever seen those come out before...

    2. Yeah, I can't have everything.
      And also, my bad, after further research I found that the twins have to be in the same warband, so...yeah. Only four warbands.

  5. As always, a late one... Here is my army.

    The Elven Host

    (LOME Mirkwood and Rivendel)

    Warband 1
    Elladan with Heavy Armor and Bow
    4 High Elf Warriors with Sword and Shield
    3 High Elf Warriors with Spears with Shields
    5 High Elf Warriors with Bows

    Warband 2
    Elrohir with Heavy Armor and Bow
    4 High Elf Warriors with Sword and Shield
    3 High Elf Warriors with Spears with Shields
    5 High Elf Warriors with Bows

    Warband 3
    5 High Elf Warriors with Sword and Shield
    4 High Elf Warriors with Spear and Shield

    36 Models. 600 points

    1. Okay, this list looks fun - and a decent sized army for having Rivendell. Should be cool!

  6. Warband 1
    √Čomer, Marshal of the Riddermark with Horse; Shield; Throwing spears;
    8 Riders of Rohan with Throwing spears;
    Warband 2
    Eorl the Young
    5 Riders of Rohan with Throwing spears;
    3 Sons of Eorl
    Warband 3
    Captain of Rohan with Horse; Shield; Throwing spears;
    5 Rider of Rohan with Throwing spears;
    1 Rogan Outrider with horse

    TOTAL: 599 points, 25 unites, 13 to break, all mounted

  7. I just found this Blog today. Do you all live in Loudoun County, VA? I am in Ashburn, and am looking for other Hobbit/LOTR SBG players. I assume that you all are aware of the "DC Hobbit League" and the Youtube channel?

  8. Hey John. First off, welcome to TMAT! We meet very irregularly (something about jobs and other hobbies), but as you can tell from our posts, we have 2 tourneys every year that are open to anyone who wants to come out - see the rules tab for what we've accepted into the canon from the HSB rulebook.

    I personally (can't speak for the other admins) haven't viewed the youtube channel - will look into it!

  9. When is the next event? I think it would be fun to get some of our folks together at one of those. I'm sure that I could get at least half a dozen people to show up. I am only an outside member, but the DC Hobbit League has a Facebook page here: and a website here: I think it would be great if we could get people together for more local events, including yours! The NOVA Open has a number of events coming up in a couple of weeks in Arlington/Crystal City. The $20 one-day admission might we worth the trip, just to play in a few non-tournament events or to meet others in the area playing SBG.

    1. Looks like fun. I can't speak for anyone else, but life besides minis keeps me pretty busy. I wouldn't mind seeing others come to our tournaments or venturing out for the occasional event elsewhere, but not much time available these days. Thanks for the info!

  10. Oh yeah, here is the Youtube page link:

  11. Do you have a group email box? Maybe easier than posting here each time!

  12. Just an FYI email. The NOVA Open event had over 50 people in attendance, the largest tournament in the U.S. that anyone can recall for many years! email me at if you want to get in touch. I'm trying to get events going at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn if you are interested!