Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TMAT Grand Tournament 2015 Overview (Part 1)

This past weekend the TMAT crew got together for our fourth annual TMAT Grand Tournament. Dice were thrown. Armies clashed. Players laughed. Schnazzy game boards were put on display. Good times gents.

I'm still working to compile all the tourney info and gather photos, but here is a quick teaser of what is to come. Details on the tournament scenarios and army lists can be found here:

  1. Tiberius' uruks once again took the tournament field led by Saruman. Breaking from his usual heavy-armor build, this time Isengard comes with an orcish filler contingent to pad the model count, counting on numbers and the power of its four heroes to lead them to victory.
  2. As has been fortold, (as in, pre-GT14) Centaur's long-awaited shirelings finally had their day of glory. Led by Balin, Dwalin with a picked handful of dwarves to provide cover, the valiant hobbits sally forth for battle - making up with heart, valor and a whole lot of throwing stones what they lack in combat statlines.
  3. Sallying forth from the Halls of Erebor, El zorro's dwarf army came well-prepared to enter the fray. With brothers Balin and Dwalin at the head of an eclectic mix of dwarf units, hoping axe and hardened armor would carry the day.
  4. Captain Glot’s Rohan army is a nigh-staple at TMAT tournaments and the trio of Eomer KotP, Erkenbrand and Grimbold once again sought to prove their mettle. Backed by outriders, helmingas and Royal Guards, they valiantly carried the banner of the westfold into battle.
  5. The Black Prince opted to take another crack with his all-mounted Rohan list from THRO14. Despite being only 26 models, the army served him well last fall with a very respectable second place finish. Led by Eomer, Eorl & Sons, the Riders of the Riddermark were ready to test their mettle against a playing field that greatly outnumbered them.   
  6. Our final competitor, Red Jacket, brought the ever-popular army of uruk heavies. Led by Vrasku and Mahur, and backed by a drummer, it was an army that moves fast, hits hard and shrugs off all but the strongest blows. Unlike most of the Isengard lists we've seen, this one opted to drop ranged abilities almost completely in favor of melee units that close quickly.

Board A: Hold the Standard High (To-the-Death variant)

The desert map returns again - slightly different configuration this time. The sandy patches were difficult terrain, but otherwise nothing too complex. The structures have lift-off roofs for interior combats (or shooting out of handy windows) and there are two passageways along the board edges for flanking manuevers but otherwise not too much to interfere with the mass carnage of the scenario.

Board B: Domination

This had to have been my favorite map of the tournament. Centaur has spent a long time compiling pieces for his shire map, and it was definitely a treat to play on. All the small details with the barrels, the dunedain camp, the farmer's market, etc. just made for fun games. It had a really nice balance of open areas and cover, with multiple routes around the board.

Board C: Hold Ground

Most of our tournaments have held some Angmar themed board. This year Tavros wasn't able to make it to the GT with his scratch-built terrain, but luckily I've made a number of acquisitions in the past couple months from GF9's Battlefield in a Box line and picked up some modular terrain pieces from Worldsmith Industries kickstarter to go along with my Hirst Blocks towers. Put it all out on the table and you've got a fair amount of stuff to traverse with a number of random sight lines that make finding proper cover challenging for large blocks of troops.

Hope to have some overviews of the games up soon. . . in the meantime enjoy a handful of photos.

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