Friday, January 23, 2015

Warg Update

TGIF y'all! so progress was slowed by the holidays, but I've been working on and off to get these beasties finished. I think I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Wild Wargs of Angmar (and occasionally Harad)
 I went for a vaguely hyena-inspired color scheme with an assortment of browns (or dark greys in the case of the two black wargs) and finished off with some dry-dabbed (like dry brushing, but dabbing it on instead of brushing it on) black for the spots. The effect is a bit more subtle than the harsh lighting suggests...

for the black wargs, I added both grey and black spots for added contrast

the color graduations don't show too well in these photos, but it was late and I didn't have time to rig up better lighting

Glowing eyes achieved by adding progressively lighter layers of green further out from the
socket and a pastel green highlight to the eyeball - which really makes them pop in a suitably creepy fashion.

and yes, he is as front-heavy as he looks. I'm currently awating a shipment of lead
fishing line sinkers to glue underneath and try to offset that.

As fun as these were to work on, I'm glad to get these off the hobby table... because I need to start turning my hobbying attention towards TMAT GT15 and whatever projects that will inspire!



  1. Nice wargs! It is a constant annoyance this with colour gradiations never showing up unless one makes some sort of serious setup - to me, it is rarely worth the effort, not only due to the painting being tabletop standard, but due to the ever present shortage of working space: To always have to setup and then remove the whole business one minute later is just not worth it!

    The Warg Pack Leader showed more of the quality of the painting, very nicely done! Even the eyes, small as they are, showed really well on the pic.

    1. thanks Llama. yeah, the photo setup is a hassle. sometimes I'll bother with setting it up to take a slew of photos but I wanted to get these moving so I just snapped a few phone pics so at least I could get a post up.