Friday, November 28, 2014


Happy work-off-the-tryptophan-and-carbs Day!

after a much too-long hiatus, I figured it was time to dust off the blogger log-in to post some updates from Karningul. Tiberius and Glenstorm have been working hard at keeping the blog alive, but with a lull for the holidays (and a now-functional camera) I'm hoping to have some down time to draft up some filler to display some of the projects I've been working on for the past... far too long.

my busy hobby table

so we'll kick things off with the most recent item on the project table: wild wargs

Send out your warg riders!
As you may have noticed from a number of other posts on the blog, I've been a bit slow coming to the warg party. Most of the rest of the other TMAT players use them in some form or another, and I finally caved. My plan is to use a WWC to have them augment my Harad army (because fast attack troops are always a good option), and because they are just fun.

The Pack

The rocks were sculpted using sculpy and a Basius press mold purchased via Zinge Industries. Really awesome concept - I totally recommend checking the Basius molds out if you like the idea of infinitely customization with your bases.. Basius just completed a kickstarter with improved double-sided molds (which I missed by like... 24 hours. boo hiss), so it might be worth waiting until those are released, but I was in dire need of more basing ideas and didn't feel like waiting. . .

given as TMAT already has 18+ other wargs running around (okay Glenstorm, 12 wargs and 6+ Fell wargs). I wanted to make these guys stand out a bit and did a bit of sculpting work on them to fill out their fur and make them more distinctive (and because I'll use almost any excuse to customize models).

added a more elaborate crest

extended the crest up the head and covered the bare patch on his back

"General Burnsides" - he gets a bit of a mohawk and hairy cheeks

most crests and covered flanks

I'm still trying to decide on colors. Mostly I'm going between the mottled black/brown/tan that I've seen from LOTR concept art (and is semi-displayed in TTT), or full black with glowing eyes. but first I have to find a proper rock for my WWC to pose on, because the Basius ones aren't quite big enough. 

I have a far number of other projects that have made their way across the crafting tables in the past few months, ranging from mordor, to dwarves, to uruks to elf heroes. Hoping to get some of those on display in the near future, so watch this space!


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