Sunday, February 16, 2014

Announcing: TMAT GT 2014!

Another year, another GT!
Time to announce the opening of registration for the third annual Tell Me A Tale Grand Tournament! This tournament is a small 1-day independent tournament for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game and will be played on Saturday, March 29, 2014 in Purcellville, Virginia starting at 10am (players are asked to arrive at least 20-30 min early for check-in and setup). LOTR SBG players in the greater D.C. area and beyond are welcome to attend, but are asked to register NLT Mar 22. The tournament is free to play and the rules for the tournament are provided below.

1. Gameplay

(1.1) The ruleset from the One Rulebook (ORB) and warbands sourcebooks will preside over the tournament along with the TMAT House rules listed in the tab above. Apart from the rules adopted in the house rules, the Hobbit ruleset will not be used; however the armies and models may be used. It is the responsibility of the player using the new models to provide their full profiles on the day of the tournament.
(1.2) All games will have a time limit of 90 min. At the end of 90 min, if the victory conditions have not already been met, players will be permitted to finish their current round and tally points.
(1.3) Once started, the time clock will only be stopped if two players have a significant disagreement on a particular rule (line of sight, special rules for a unit, etc.), in which case all games will stop and the other competitors will mediate/look up what the proper ruling is. If a resolution is unable to be established in a short time period, a roll-off will be cast to determine the ruling for that game.
(1.4) There will be approximately 15 minutes between games for players to move to the next table, refresh themselves, turn in their scoring data, etc. and there will be a 60 min break for lunch.
(1.5) Upon check-in the day of, players will draw a number and be assigned to randomized opponents and boards. The boards you are assigned to will determine scenarios played.
(1.6) Scenarios will be a mix of Warband and LOME based scenarios with minor modifications. See Section 3 for scenario details.
(1.7) Battle Points are earned as follows: Major win: 10pts, Minor win: 8pts, Draw: 6pts, Minor loss: 4pts, Major loss: 2pts.
(1.8) Additional Battle points can be earned by: 1) Accomplishing various Oaths of Battle in-game with your Army leader (see 4.1); 2) Kudos points from your opponent (see 4.2) 3) Secret Objectives acquired each round (see 4.3).

2. Army building

(2.1) Army size will be 600pts (+0.5% grace with hard limit of 603pts), 60 model limit. Your army must contain a clearly designated Army leader.
(2.2) Armies may be constructed either using the Warbands scheme or using a modified LOME scheme with at least 200 points (33% of total) spent on at least 2 heroes and all LOME alliance restrictions in effect.
(2.3) For the purposes of deployment, LOME armies will be broken into 3 detachments of at least 6 models (if your army contains fewer than 18 models, divide as evenly as possible). These detachments will be treated as warbands for the purposes of deployment and any scenario rules that refer to "warbands." These detachments must be designated prior to the tournament and will be submitted with your army roster. (Note: LOME detachments do not need to be all from the same sublist - for example, you could deploy Mordor orcs in the same detachment as Easterlings). If you have insufficient heroes to provide a leader for each detachment, nominate a model to "lead" the deployment for any detachment without a hero. All models in a detachment will be deployed within 6" of the leader.
(2.4) For newer post-LOME models that do not show up on the old army lists, use common sense to determine which list they would fall under. Feel free to contact the tournament organizer if you have questions as to whether a new model is allowed in a certain LOME list. Please consult the House rules page for the adopted LOME alliance structure for the new Hobbit army lists.
(2.5) WYSIWYG - equip your models appropriately. Proxy models are permitted only if specially purchased/converted/clearly established for that role permanently. (e.g. no "counts as, but only for this tournament" substitutions. If you want to field a particular character, invest the time/$ to do so). Exception: generic Nazgul models may be used as named Nazgul as long as it is clear to your opponent what they represent.

3. Scenarios

(3.1) For all scenarios, scoring rules regarding the opponent's army leader will be modified to the following as applicable: 0 Victory Points are scored for wounding the enemy leader. 2 Victory Points are scored for killing the enemy leader.
(3.2) Depending on the number of games being incorporated (which will be based on the number of participants - min of 3 games), the following scenarios will be used (in order of precedence)
(A) Where the Wild Things Are: Played like To the Death from the Warbands sourcebooks with a few alterations. 1) Setup: after the terrain is placed, 3-5 lairs are placed, One in the center, and the other 2-4 mirror each other diagonally at least 12" from any board edge. A variety of wild beasts (suggested: 1 cave troll/2 bat swarms/3 barrow wights/1 WWC and 4 wargs for the center lair and 2-3 wargs each for outliers) are placed in base contact with the lairs. 2) Deployment: Warbands/Detachments are placed within 6" of the board edge on the roll of 1-3, and within 12" of the board edge on the roll of 4-6. 3) Scoring: An additional 2 VPs are awarded if the opponent has been driven to 25% of their starting force.
Special Rules: The Wilds: The wild beasts are hungry, and do not take kindly to the intrusion of the outside world. Each turn, the player who loses priority controls the wild creatures and moves them before the normal move phase begins (but after any heroic moves). All wild creatures can move freely within 6" of their lair with the following exceptions: 1) if the wild creature's move starts within charge distance of a player's models, the creature will always charge the nearest model(s) - even if it is the controlling player's models, 2) The wild creature will continue to charge nearby models on subsequent turns to a maximum of 12" from their lair. 3) If the wild creature has no chargable models within 12" of its lair, it must immediately return to within 6" of its lair
Savage Ferocity: Fights involving wild creatures are resolved before the normal fight phase begins (but after any heroic combats). For each fight, the player whose models are not being attacked controls/rolls for the wild creature. If a wild creature wins a fight, the player(s) being attacked roll a die for each of their models in the fight. On a 4+ they are knocked to the ground. Might may not be used to alter this roll. Wild monsters will always strike normally instead of using brutal strikes. Additionally, all wild creatures are considered to have the Resistant to Magic special rule.
Pack Animals: If a wild creature is killed, roll a die. On a 3+, a new wild creature is placed in base contact with the appropriate lair at the end of the round. On the roll of a 6, two wild creatures are placed instead (if there are sufficient models available).
(B) Domination: Scenario setup, play and scoring uses the rules from the Warband sourcebooks with the following exception for setup: Opponents select opposite corners of the board rather than board edges. All warbands/detachments are deployed within 18" of their corner.
(C) Seize the Prize: Dig up the treasures and carry them off the board to win! Game ends at 25%.
Setup: 6 objective markers are scattered within 3" of the center line and at least 12" from the side board edges.
Deployment: For each warband/detachment, roll a die. On 1-4 they must deploy within 3" of the board edge. On a 5-6 they may deploy within 6" of the board edge.
Scoring: 3 points for each treasure that escapes the board via any board edge. 1 point for each treasure in your possession at game end (must be carried, not just in base contact). 1 point if the enemy is broken, 3 points if they are broken and your army is not.
Special Rules: Buried Treasures: Any infantry model in base contact with an objective marker may spend a full move attempting to dig up the treasure. On a 4+ the treasure has been discovered and may be carried away as a Heavy Object.  Digging models may not pick up the treasure on the turn it was uncovered (other models in base contact may pick up the treasure).

(D) The Arkenstone: Played like To the Death from the Warbands sourcebooks with a few alterations. 1) Setup: after the terrain is placed, a small objective marker is placed in the center of the board to represent the Arkenstone. 2) Deployment: Warbands/Detachments are placed within 6" of the board edge on the roll of 1-3, and within 12" of the board edge on the roll of 4-6. 3) Scoring: An additional 2 VPs are awarded if the opponent has been driven to 25% of their starting force.
Special Rules: The Arkenstone: The two armies have taken the field in pursuit of a glorious artifact - the Arkenstone. The desire to acquire this priceless gem inspires beyond reason. At the beginning of the fight phase, the player that has the most models within 3" of the Arkenstone treats the Arkenstone as a 6" banner for that round. The other player treats the Arkenstone as a normal banner.
(E) Hold Ground: Scenario setup, play and scoring uses the rules from the Warband sourcebooks

4. Additional Scoring

(4.1) Oaths of Battle: For each game, after deployment select 1 Oath not previously sworn and announce it to your opponent. If both players achieve their oath: score 1 Battle Point, If neither player achieves their oath: score 0 Battle Points, Only one player achieves: that player scores 2 Battle Points. 3 bonus Battle Points are awarded if a player achieves all Oaths during the tournament OR (if there are fewer than 5 games) the player fulfills their oath each game:
Blood-sworn Enemy: Choose an enemy hero - he is your arch enemy and they must die on the field of battle before the end of the game
Future King: Your army leader must continue to lead his force at the end of the game, neither slain nor "heroically departed".
Chivalry in Battle: Your army leader must fight the enemy leader in close combat for at least one round and survive (die being rolled on each side). Your army leader may not use the shielding rules in this effort.
Line in the Sand: Nominate a piece of terrain within 12" of your opponent's board edge (or place a marker if there is no suitable terrain). Your leader must end its move in base contact with it at least once during the game.
Battle Prowess: Your army leader must kill more models than your opponent's army leader.
(4.2) Kudos: At any point during your game, up to 3 categories may be awarded by your opponent once per game, worth 0.5 battle pts each (maximum of 1.5 battle points per game). Your opponent is not obligated to give the maximum kudos - or any kudos at all. They must be earned. 
Hope Rises: A non-named figure acts in a way that both players agree was awesome. (Example: Your captain just used a might point to shoot into a combat and kill his own troop - thus opening up a previously concealed Legolas to 6 xbow shots!)
Lead by Example: A named hero acts in a way that both players agree was awesome. (Example: Eomer just called 3 successive heroic combats to catapult himself to the rescue of your emissary!)
Master Plan: Perform a maneuver that causes your opponent to be impressed (for good or ill) by the strategy. (Your elf cavalry just rode around behind the opponent's line and dismounted in order to shield their opponents into difficult terrain - thus clearing a path to the objective!)
Fortune's Favor: Experience a very lucky streak of dice rolling that is acknowledged by both players (Example: your orc archer just passed 2 in the ways to wound a D7 unit!)
The Dice are trying to Kill Me: Experience a very unlucky streak of dice rolling that is acknowledged by both players (Example: your mounted Nazgul had its mount slain, was thrown to the ground, failed both fate rolls and broke its wraithish neck!)

(4.3)  Secret Objectives: Each round, a secret objective will be randomly shuffled out to players for the chance to win extra Battle Points that round. These objectives do not impact the outcome of your current game, but add to your overall tournament score. Your secret objective is not to be revealed to your opponent until game end. Each succesfully completed secret obective is worth 2 Battle Points.

5. Registration:

(5.1) Registration is done via the comments below. Post your army list and note your army leader and indicate how it is organized under the appropriate LOME or Warbands rules. Once a list is posted it may not be revised. If the posted list does not comply with the guidelines given, the Tournament Director reserves the right to make minor ad hoc corrections to facilitate compliance.
(5.2) Your army should be themed in some way with appropriate "background" text of at least a paragraph (100 words max) submitted with your army list before the tournament begins. Players are encouraged to use this to explain any alliances, unique color schemes, markings, etc. in the army.  
(5.3) On the day of the tournament you must provide a hard copy of your army roster with: 1) A complete army list organized by warband (or detachment for LOME armies) with the army leader designated; 2) The complete profile stats of all units in your army; 3) Total model count, army broken point and 25% level of your army (all fractions are rounded down - a 31 model army is broken when reduced to 15, 25% when reduced to 7 models); 4) A copy of the army's background "theme."
Players who fail to provide their army roster on tournament day as outlined will not be allowed to participate until they produce the required roster. If this should delay the first game, they will be credited with a major loss and their opponent will automatically be awarded a major win.

For any questions regarding the above, feel free to ask away in the comments below. We're looking forward to yet another great tournament. Let the games (and modeling/painting flurry) begin!

- Z


  1. To kick off the month of March, I guess I'll be the first to declare my army:

    Rescuing the Moria Expedition - Warband Build

    Gimli and his most trusted bodyguard lead a detachment of royal Rangers, Warriors, and Khazad Guards to find and rescue his cousin Balin and the surviving members of the Moria Expedition. The Dwarf rescuers and survivors are grim, willing to face any foes and fight to the last Dwarf. Joining the expedition are some of Balin’s old kin band - Dori, Bofur, and Bombur - who are anxious to see their friend again. To all who stand between these bearded fellows clad in mail, beware! Baruk-Khazad! Khazad-ai-Menu!

    Warband 1:
    Gimli, son of Gloin - Army Leader
    1 Dwarf Warrior with banner
    4 Dwarf Warriors with shields
    2 Khazad Guards
    2 Dwarf Rangers with throwing axes
    1 Dwarf Ranger with throwing axes and two-handed axe
    2 Dwarf Warriors with Dwarf bows

    Warband 2:
    Dwarf Shield-Bearer
    2 Dwarf Warriors with shields
    2 Khazad Guards
    2 Dwarf Rangers with throwing axes
    6 Dwarf Warriors with Dwarf bows

    Warband 3:
    Balin, Son of Fundin with Durin's Axe
    2 Dwarf Warriors with shields
    2 Khazad Guards
    2 Dwarf Rangers with throwing axes
    2 Dwarf Rangers with two-handed axes
    2 Dwarf Warriors with Dwarf bows
    2 Dwarf Rangers with Dwarf longbows

    39 units, broken at 19 remaining, game at 9 remaining

    Looking forward to another great GT!

  2. Terror of the East - Warbands

    A shadow grows in the East. The Dark Lord is gathering the fell races of men to his army: fallen men of Numenor and the elite soldiers of Rhun have all answered the summons to make war against the westrons. The Easterners respect only proficiency in arms, so Mordor sends it's very best to lead them: Shagrat, guardian of Cirith Ungol, backed by the automatons of the Dark Lord. With broad shields and deadly blades, the men of the East are marching to war.

    Warband 1 (Mordor):
    Shagrat, Warleader (Army Leader)
    12 Black Numenorians

    Warband 2 (Mordor):
    Castellan of Dol Guldur

    Warband 3 (Mordor):
    Castellan of Dol Guldur

    Warband 4 (Mordor):
    Castellan of Dol Guldur

    Warband 5 (Eastern Kingdoms):
    Easterling Capt w shield
    7 Warriors w shield & pike
    3 Warriors w bow

    Warband 6 (Eastern Kingdoms):
    Easterling Capt w Shield
    7 Warriors w shield & pike
    3 Warriors w bow

    37 Units, 603 pts

    1. Typo: warband six has 6 pikes, not 7.

  3. Slight modification from the list I ran back in September, but very much the list I've been promising for almost six months now, :)

    The Defenders of Eriador (Shire LOME)

    The Shire is a land of peace and humble roots, known more for the sensible, delicate things in life like the brewing of ale, the making of pies, and the smoking of pipeweed rather than the use of arms. But when stirred by the threat of war and foreign hosts, the militia of Eriador answer the call with a bravery and valor equal to any knight. Elessar has sounded the alarm, and his kinsmen and the Bounders of the Shire have answered his call to arms, summoning a great host to defend hearth and home. Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake!

    Detachment 1
    -Aragorn/Strider with bow, armor, and Anduril, Flame of the West (Army Leader)
    -1 Dunedain with spear (Daerdan)
    -1 Dunedain (Rosseloth)
    -6 Hobbit Shirriffs
    -4 Battlin' Brandybucks

    Detachment 2
    -Meriadoc, Captain of the Shire with shield
    -Farmer Maggot with Grip, Fang, and Wolf
    -1 Dunedain with spear (Astiul)
    -1 Dunedain (Cugumnial)
    -6 Hobbit Shirriffs
    -4 Battlin' Brandybucks

    Detachment 3
    -Peregrin Took, Captain of the Shire
    -10 Tookish Hunters

    Total: 41 units, 603 pts

    Looking foward to it, guys!

  4. The General Will will be returning with his TMAT GT13 force:

    Isengard's Outriders

    As Isengard's armies march further from their citadel, their supply lines have strained to the breaking point. Inaccurate maps, confused orders, and enemy ambushes have combined to cut off the forces of Evil from their precious food and equipment.

    Orthanc has recalled the shrewd warmaster Vrasku from the Rohan warfront and sent him to deal with the supplies. With equal measures of guile and violence, Vrasku has molded the chaotic mass of orcs into a rough supply train. Now he leads a probing force just beyond the caravans, blazing a trail for new convoys - and seizing whatever opportunities present themselves.

    Detachment 1
    6 Uruk-Hai Warriors with crossbows
    3 Uruk-Hai Warriors with pikes
    3 Berserkers

    Detachment 2
    Captain with heavy armor, shield
    4 Uruk-Hai Warriors with pikes
    6 Uruk-Hai Warriors with shields
    2 Berserkers

    Detachment 3
    Captain with heavy armor, shield
    4 Uruk-Hai Warriors with pikes
    2 Uruk-Hai Warriors with shields
    6 Berserkers

    Total: 39 models, 601 points

  5. The Black Prince will be fielding the following:

    The Glory of the White City
    (LOME: Fellowship/Tower of Ecthelion/The Rangers of Ithilien)

    The banner of the White Tree is unfurled for war. Boromir has convinced Denethor to allow him to muster a legion of the most seasoned warriors to bring glory to Gondor. Faramir has been given the task of choosing those who would serve. He chooses some dauntless defenders of the abandoned city of Osgiliath, the valiant guards of the fountain gate, trusted retainers from the White City, and swift rangers of Ithilien. With a host like this, who can stand before the mighty princes? So let us unfurl the ancient banner and this day win glory for Gondor!

    Detachment 1:
    Boromir of Gondor – Army Leader
    Warrior of Minas Tirith with Banner
    2 Guard of the Fountain Court with shield
    2 Rangers of Gondor
    4 Osgiliath Veterans with shield
    4 Osgiliath Veterans with shield and spear

    Detachment 2:
    Faramir, Captain of Gondor with HA and Sh
    2 Guard of the Fountain Court with shield
    3 Rangers of Gondor with spear
    4 Osgiliath Veterans with shield
    4 Osgiliath Veterans with shield and spear

    Detachment 3:
    Captain of Minas Tirith with shield
    6 Warrior of Minas Tirith with shield and spear
    2 Guard of the Fountain Court with shield
    2 Rangers of Gondor

    Total: 39 models, 603 points

  6. Red Jacket will be bringing the following:

    Harrowers of the Riddermark
    (LOME: Isengard Raiders/Legions of the White Hand)

    The Drums of war are beating. Isengard is out to destroy. A powerful force of uruk regulars under Vrasku, the Army leader, marches out to join forces with a band of Mauhur’s Marauders, led by the infamous commander himself, who have been out scouting the regions beyond the River Isen and Folds of Rohan. The time to conquer has come, and they on they come. The drums drving them with a relentless storm and swiftness that none can stop.

    Detachment 1:
    Vrasku - Army Leader
    5 Uruk-Hai Warriors with Shield
    3 Uruk-Hai Warriors with Pikes

    Detachment 2:
    Uruk-Hai Captain w HA and Sh
    Uruk-Hai Drummer
    11 Uruk-Hai Warriors with Shield
    7 Uruk-Hai Warriors with Pikes

    Detachment 3:
    8 Marauders w Shield
    4 Marauders w Orc Bow.

    Total: 42 Units, 600pts

  7. Captain Glot’s champions of the 2013 HROT army will be returning with minor revisions:

    The Riders of Freedom.
    LOME: Theoden’s Host

    These are dark times; old allegiances have been broken and fresh ones have been forged. Nations once thought great, have lost all dignity and will do anything for power. One realm alone has kept its honor and fought back the corrupt; that realm is Rohan, home of the horse lords. Ruled justly by King Eomer, this proud land has become a target for those of evil hearts. Rohan has three nations charging onto them; the king must retaliate, and that he does. With the horn of old sounding, the Rohirim ride to whatever fate awaits them, for death and glory.

    Contingent one:
    Eomer.(Army Leader)
    4 Redshields.
    3 Royal Guards w\spear.
    1 Royal Guard w\shield.
    3 Helmingas w\spear.
    3 Helmingas w\shield.

    Contingent two:
    5 Outriders.

    Contingent three:
    8 Helmingas w\spear.
    10 Helmingas w\shield.

    601 pts
    Unit allocations: 40/20/10

  8. Being one of the least imaginative (so it seems) of our tourney regulars, I will be fielding yet another variant of my Angmoriador list.

    Aspirants of Light’s Bane
    LOME: Angmar, Moria, The Nazgûl.

    The lower-ranked regional leaders from the dark and vile expanses of the northern mountain ranges are overwhelmed with rumors of good tidings, joy, and happiness from the world. Provoked by (perhaps foolish) impulses to impress their superiors, these “small town boys” have set off to quash this increase of Light.
    With unwavering resolve blinded by the chance for promotion, easily excitable (and replaceable) grunts promised the chance to spread darkness, and a crazed “high” due to the recreational abuse of certain under-mountain plants (Balrog’s lettuce), this warband will not let anyone in their way … barring decimation, of course.

    Unit 1:
    Buhrdûr (AL)
    Moria Goblin Shaman
    8 Moria Goblin Warrior w/ shield
    8 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ spear

    Unit 2:
    Ringwraith (+: 1M, 3W, 2F)
    Dweller in the Dark
    6 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ shield
    6 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ spear

    Unit 3:
    Moria Goblin Shaman
    Warg Marauder
    4 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ shield
    4 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ spear
    5 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ bow

    600 pts, 47/23/11