Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Rohan - All Month Long!

Good evening readers,

I've been swamped with school the last few months - 30 pages in 3 weeks + time with family takes a LOT of time. But, I'd like to talk a little bit about some projects that are going on here at TMAT.

Glenstorm is going to be doing an in-depth look at the Rohan army list, and the focus of my efforts here at TMAT are going to be similar. I recently got my hands on a half-dozen Riders of Rohan and an Eomer model that I'm converting into an Eorl the Young model - way better than the original Eomer and maybe the best hero in the Rohan list (yes, Glenstorm, I'm picking a fight, ;) ). I've got another half-dozen on the way and look at talking a bit about skirmish cavalry tactics (once I get a few games in).

In other Rohan news, be on the lookout for a winter fun tournament, similar to the Hunter's Red October tournament but will probably feature small armies (either small point limit or small unit limit) and focusing on getting FIVE games in a single day - yes, it will be interesting.

Finally, there are some incredibly detail-painted Rohan models (and other models, including some that are no longer being made) from - see the link in the sidebar. The models look great and the Chef of War is trying to get some of his stock cleared out. Visit his site and email him at for more information.

Hopefully I'll get a projects update up this weekend, but until then, happy hobbying!


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