Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rohan Army Update: A Few Conversions

Dear Reader,

Life is busy at the Forge - way too many projects going on.  I want to quickly post on some Rohan Warrior conversions so that I can dedicate my time to a Grey Company post, as there have been a lot of new developments in customizing that army (many of which are not present in the battle I recently fought against Tiberius, which will be going up soon.  With no further ado, some Rohan conversions:

As you are likely aware, I love hand-swapping, as it gives me cool poses for my men, and spices up my army with few additional resources required.  Here's one example:

Simple hand switch, but it gives me a defensive neutral pose for a running swordsman, and a spearman who is inspiring his fellow warriors to charge.  These guys did something similar:

I really like the Rohan Royal Guard pose for spearmen who want to do an overhead attack, and now I finally have one for my rank-and-file infantry that is less angular than the one provided in the blister.  I also get an overhead "Guardian's Threat" pose for a swordsman in the Edoras Detachment.  Pretty straightforward conversions - nothing earthshaking here, but fun nonetheless.  My next post, on the other hand, will show you some of the more exciting projects coming out of the Forge this month.



"Will they follow me?" ~ King Peter
"To the death." ~ Oreius the Centaur

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  1. whatever did the world do before hand/weapon swaps? Must have been a raw and barbaric age.

    Awesome stuff bro. I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole battle force lined up on the field of battle.