Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pardon the Pink: Goblin Town, Part Two

So, in today's work, we're looking at the work that's going on on my new game board.

1) Board Design
Here's the general layout of the board as it is now (unpainted - pardon the pink). Each board edge is unchanged, allowing full rotation of the boards to accommodate more board designs and set-ups. By rearranging the board elements, you can make very different maps. In this particular style, the board has a chasm (the section that has the cuts around it and has yet to be actually carved out) that leads to a civilized Dwarf hold.
2) Terrain Pieces
With the new terrain comes a few new pieces. Spanning a full 48" is a Dwarf wall (half of which you see here). The wall will receive more detail with the addition of pillars and statues, but currently sports stairs and postern gates. The natural choke-points of the wall segments (each with a 3" gate and two 1" postern gates) could skew the results of a game, but this is the benefit of a fully-modular table - or just not using the wall at all!
There are also two town "courts" which would facilitate commerce during a time of peace and now serve as rally points during a time of war (popular in the Lord of the Rings Online game). Random terrain pieces help a lot to add flavor to your fights and also make life just a little harder for archers and spell-casters. These courts cover a 6" area, making them perfect for an objective marker in a Domination game (everything on the steps is good).

3) Primer?

So the next step will be to apply primer. I picked some up at my local hardware store, and will hopefully be applying a coat to the board on Saturday morning before the tournament. I'm told that the board will need 1 hour to dry, so if I get started at 6am, I can spray up all the board pieces, campaign in LOTR Online for an hour, and then check and make sure that the board is treated enough for the tournament later that morning. We'll see how it all works out...

Looking forward to tiling the floor of most of the boards and making the board a bit more rugged near the chasm. Looking forward to the Hunter's Red October tourney this weekend!

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