Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Hunter's Red October!

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!

This is the official announcement for the Hunter's Red October tournament to be held on Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 10:00am to 4:00pm in Purcellville, Virginia. For those in the Northern Virginia area and are interested in participating, please submit your army lists in comments. Unlike the TMAT tournament in March, this tournament is an experimental tournament with new rules that could be used in the next TMAT tournament. As such, we're going to try some of the new rules provided in the new sourcebooks (and if things end up being skewed in one army's favor more than the other...well, it's a red October - what did you expect?). The tournament is free and the rules for the tournament are provided below:

1) Thou Shalt Not Cross The Lines: all army lists will have a cap of 600 points with a .5% grace limit and a maximum of 75 units in the army. The army list must comply with the warband rules and unit lists from the new sourcebooks and the army leader for the army list must be identified.
2) Thy Friends Shall Be Few: no more than ONE allied contingent may be included in the army list and it must comply with both the warband rules and the traditional constraints of the Strategy Battle Game (bow limit, etc.).
3) Thou Shalt Submit Thy Force In Writing: army lists must be submitted before the day of the tournament, preferably in comments to this announcement.
4) Thou Shalt Keep Thy Word: after registration on the day of the tournament, the army lists (including equipment for units, who is the army leader, etc.) cannot be changed.
5) Thou Shalt Fight Thrice: three rounds of games will be played between an army of Good and an army of Evil, with players bringing either an army of Good or an army of Evil depending on how many of each army type are provided in comments. If too many armies of Good or Evil are submitted, the participant to submit his army lists last will change his army list unless other arrangements are made by the participant.
6) Thou Shalt Fight And Fight On: the scenarios to be played will be pre-determined on pre-set game boards measuring 48" by 48". The missions will be Domination, Hold Ground, and To The Death (with other scenarios chosen based on how many players are registered and will be selected in the following order: Lords of Battle, Reconnoiter, The High Ground). Deployment will be performed as described in the new sourcebooks, with the exception that the maximum distance from the board edge allowed in the To The Death and Domination missions is 18" instead of 24".
7) Thou Shalt Mind The Time: each round will have a 75 minute time limit. If the time expires before the victory conditions are obtained, the game ends at the end of the current turn. Points are tallied per the scenario rules in the new sourcebooks with the following exception: 0 victory points will be awarded for wounding the enemy army leader and 1 victory point will be awarded if the enemy Army Leader is killed.
8) Thou Shalt Have A Brief Respite: between each round will be 15 minutes of down-time to be spent moving your army to the next board, finishing an interrupted turn of the previous round, and refreshing as necessary. There will also be a 60-minute break for lunch at 11:45am.
9) Thou Shalt Find Agreement With Thy Fellows: if two players cannot resolve a rules question in their game, a red flag will be thrown: the round timer will be stopped and the other players will decide the result of the rules dispute. The decision of the other participants will be final.
10) Thou Shalt Not Spoil The Day: rules for common courtesy, good sportsmanship, and all-around fun will be upheld during this tournament. Failure to comply with these rules could result in subtracting victory points, awarding a loss, or ejection from the tournament based on the seriousness of the offense.

Looking forward to the tournament and seeing what army lists are provided in comments!



  1. In the event that there are too many participants wanting to play with their Good armies, I will gladly (well, perhaps not "gladly," but willingly) offer to switch to evil, with the following list:

    Rager's Raiders
    Warband 1:
    -Ugluk (60 pts) (Army Leader)
    -6 Uruk-Hai Scouts w/ shields (54 pts)
    -4 Orc Warriors w/ spears/shields (28 pts)
    -1 Orc Warrior w/ banner (30 pts)
    -1 Orc Warrior w/ 2H weapon (6 pts)
    Point Total: 178 pts, 3 Might

    Warband 2:
    -Vrasku (60 pts)
    -6 Uruk-Hai Scouts w/ shields (54 pts)
    -4 Orc Warriors w/ spears/shields (28 pts)
    Point Total: 142 pts, 3 Might

    Warband 3:
    -1 Uruk-Hai Captain w/ Armor/2H weapon (60 pts)
    -2 Uruk-Hai Warriors w/ shields (18 pts)
    Point Total: 78 pts, 2 Might

    Allied Contingent: The Chill of Angmar
    Warband 4:
    -3 Barrow Wights (150 pts)
    -8 Orc Warriors w/ shields (48 pts)
    -1 Orc Warrior w/ 2H weapon (6 pts)
    Point Total: 204 pts, 2 Might

    TOTAL: 599 pts, 39 units, 10 Might

    Feel free to give me hits on the list!


  2. Hey all! math is off (not surprising for those of you who know me, :P ) - since Eomer with the Armored Horse is 130 pts, here is my updated list:

    Warband 1:
    -Eomer, Knight of Pelennor w/ Armored Horse (130 pts) (Army Leader)
    -2 Rohan Royal Guards w/o spears (20 pts) (bodyguard: Eomer)
    -4 Rohan Warriors w/ shields (28 pts)
    -4 Rohan Warriors w/ shields/throwing spears (36 pts)

    Warband 2:
    -Rohan Captain w/ shield/hvy armor (55 pts)
    -2 Rohan Royal Guards w/ throwing spears (24 pts) (Bodyguard: Eomer)
    -6 Rohan warriors w/ shields (42 pts)

    Point Total for main contingent: 335 pts, 5 might

    Allied Contingent, Warband 3:
    -Halbarad w/ Banner of the Evenstar (125 pts)
    -3 Rangers of the North (75 pts)
    -4 Rangers of Arnor (32 pts)
    -4 Rangers of Arnor w/ spears (36 pts)

    Point Total for Allies: 268 pts, 6 Might

    Final Point Total: 603 pts, 32 units, 11 Might

  3. Capt Glot will be fielding the following Rohan force:

    Warband 1
    Erkenbrand, army leader (represented by Theoden) - 65pts
    12 warriors w shield - 84pts

    Warband 2
    Gamling - 50pts
    2 Royal Guards - 20pts
    4 royal guards w throsprs - 48pts
    2 warriors w shield - 14pts
    2 warriors w shield & throsprs - 18pts

    Warband 3
    Grimbold - 55pts
    12 rohan outriders w bows - 84pts

    Warband 4
    Captain of rohan w/ heavy armor and shield - 55pts
    12 warriors w shield & throsprs - 108pts

    Total: 601pts, 50 models, 12 archers + 18 thrown, 9 might

  4. Tavros will be fielding the below Moria/Angmar force:

    Moria contingent:
    Warband 1
    Groblog (army leader)- 55pts (represented by a Goblin Drummer model)
    6 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ shield- 30pts
    6 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ spear- 30pts

    Warband 2
    Durburz- 60pts
    6 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ shield- 30pts
    6 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ spear- 30 pts

    Warband 3
    Moria Goblin Shaman (blue)- 45pts
    12 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ bow- 60 pts

    Warband 4
    Moria Goblin Shaman (red)- 45pts
    5 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ shield- 25pts
    5 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ spear- 25pts

    Warband 5
    Wild Warg Chieftain- 75pts
    3 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ shield- 15pts
    3 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ spear- 15pts
    2 Moria Goblin Warriors w/ bow- 10 pts

    Angmar Ally:
    Warband 6
    Barrow-wight 50pts

    Total: 600pts, 60 units, 9 might. 14 bows

  5. the House of the Rising Sun will also answer the call to arms!

    House of the Rising Sun

    Warband 1:
    Easterling Capt w shield - 50pts
    5 Dragon Guard - 50pts
    3 pikes - 27pts
    2 bows - 16pts

    Warband 2:
    Easterling Capt - 45pts
    5 Dragon Guard - 50pts
    3 pikes - 27pts
    2 bows - 16pts

    Warband 3
    Amdur, Lord of Blades - 100pts
    6 Dragon Guard - 60pts
    4 pikes - 36pts
    2 bows - 16pts

    Warband 4 (Mordor Ally):
    Shagrat, Warleader (army leader) - 110pts

    603pts 36 units, 6 bows, 10mt

  6. The General Will is marshalling the forces of Isen:

    Warband 1:
    Vrasku (army leader)
    7 warriors w xbow
    5 Berserkers

    Warband 2:
    Uruk Capt w shield and HA
    6 warriors w shield
    4 warriors w pike
    2 beserkers

    Warband 3:
    Capt w shield and HA
    6 warriors w shield
    3 warriors w pike
    3 beserkers

    Total: 597pts 39 units, 8 xbows, 3 heroes, 7 might

  7. So my son Tamwyn (through my wife) expressed a desire to be in my army. So, one quick edit to the list before game day:

    Galadriel, Lady of Lothlorien - 130 points (Army Leader)
    6 Wood Elf Warriors with Wood Elf spears - 48 points
    4 Wood Elf Warriors with throwing daggers - 36 points

    Warband 1: 11 units, 214 points, 3 Might

    Thranduil - 90 points
    5 Wood Elf Warriors with Wood Elf spears - 40 points
    5 Wood Elf Warriors with throwing daggers - 45 points

    Warband 2: 11 units, 175 points, 3 Might

    Legolas with armor - 95 points
    4 Mirkwood Guard with Elf bows - 44 points
    3 Galadhrim Warriors with Elf bows - 30 points
    3 Galadhrim Warriors with Elf bows and Elven blades - 33 points

    Warband 3: 11 units, 202 points, 3 Might points

    Meriadoc Brandybuck - 10 points

    Warband 4: 1 unit, 10 points, 0 Might points

    Army total: 34 units, 601 points, 12 Elf bows + 9 throwing weapons + 1 thrown rock, 9 Might

    Looking forward to a good tourney!