Sunday, April 15, 2012

Uruk-Hai Month: Take 2, Week 3

So this weekend, I did a little more touch-up work on my Uruks and welcomed a few more acquisitions on Friday:
All the way from Utah (thanks to a great deal on ebay) is Saruman, who showcases the Palantir that I intend to use in my games with him. Saruman has always interested me, though I've been afraid that his D5 will not allow him to fight against armies that sport S3 bows in their volley teams (which both my Dwarves and Elves sport). However, my desire to get some element of surprise (and magical dominance) with my Uruk army has encouraged me to make the bid on him.
Second addition: Radagast the Brown! Yes, I can't stay away  from spell-casters (and no, mine will not be this detailed). This tactical spell-casting hero will be the subject of a later post as I phase out of Uruk-Hai Month and change over to Spell-Bound Month, but needless to say, I've had my eyes on this hero for a while now and he's finally here!
Finally, a new sourcebook. Anyone who reads this blog will know that my heart lies first and foremost with my Wood Elves and my Dwarves, so getting a book that includes both of those armies (as well as a lot of neat others like the Fellowship and the White Council) is a real boon. With some of the new rules greatly benefiting the Elves (and establishing some clarity about what weapons a Dwarf starts with), this provides the opportunity to have the new profiles available and at a glance and have a look into the finer workings of creating warbands. Don't know how often you'll see warbands used on this blog (since I don't really care for the system that much), but I'll give them a few chances in friendly games with Gaius (who is excited to see how the armies fair).
That'll be it for now, but looking forward to glossing up the Uruks this coming week (we're a bit behind, but I blame that on being WAY too busy). I'm also putting together a set of posts on spell-casters, to be the first collaborative posting between the contributors on this blog, so watch this page!

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