Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More painting!

So since time is short with the holidays, I'm thinking about doing some painting posts to keep things interesting.
Here we are today with about half of the base-coated Goblins painted with their "first draft" of colors. The remaining Goblins will have one unified tunic color, bringing the total in the army to four colors. Still need to decide which color to do (thinking about black or blue). And for the record, the bottom-right Goblin is not blue...just the lighting...
Here's another picture of the Goblins, up-close in their first form. You can see on the Goblin archer at the top-left and the spearman at the center of the photo that I've done some dry-brushing on these units. This is also an up-close look at one of the Goblins leaping into the combat...really excited about how he's coming along.

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