Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fellowship vs. Goblins Teaser

Ok, so this past weekend was busy with several Christmas parties in a row, but I got to play-test some new Goblin scenery which will be surfacing in the upcoming Fellowship games (maybe get a game in this coming Tuesday/Wednesday with Gaius after my grad school classes are over). Here's a few pictures of part of a scenario we played...turns out we're not going to be using the time limit rule, as it takes us too long to get through turns and would therefore slant victory towards the Goblins much to easily.

The Fellowship and Goblins in the depths of Moria.
Gimli and Aragorn charge a line of Goblins.
Aragorn kills a Goblin as the rest of the Fellowship assault team attacks Goblins.
A clean look a the terrain...zoom in for more details.
The Troll eats the dust after being immobilized by Gandalf.
While the other four heroes are charging, Legolas defends the hobbits in a defensive structure.
I have a special affinity for throwing weapons...and Gimli brings a few to the table.
Be prepared for upcoming reports between the Goblins and the Fellowship soon!

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