Friday, December 8, 2017

Numenor: Army painting and theory

Hello again gamers!

After a long time of collecting and planning, I am happy to announce that my Numenor list is nearly complete! Here's what the army looks like:

Prior to a few days ago, I didn't have much hope in getting Elendil or Isildur - they're just too expensive on eBay and they're out of production. So, a buddy of mine owned two Kings of Men and I used those to stand in as the famed leaders of Numenor. Here's Isildur and his warband:

Here's Elendil and his warband:

Since warrior options are limited for Numenor, naturally I converted up some archers. Here's my captain and the archers:

From a hobbyist point of view, I love this army because all of the warriors began as warriors with shields and after a lot of hard work, I have a variety of figure sculpts to use.

From a gaming point of view, Numenor is like all of the other kingdoms of men, but unique in two key ways. Like Rohan, its basic infantry choice is average defense. Like Gondor, your infantry can take spears to support your shield wall. Like Arnor, your infantry have an above average Fight value.

There are two key differences between Numenor and the other kingdoms of men are these: first, Numenor, like Rivendell & Eregion, only has one warrior choice. Rohan and Arnor have limited unit choices, but they do have the ability to choose units who shoot well, have high defense, or (in Rohan's case) have multiple attacks. Numenor has no such luck - hope you like basic gear with average defense.

The second key difference is that they have some of the most beastly heroes available to men. Both Elendil and Isildur have 3 Attacks at Fight 6-7. With spears supporting them, it's hard to shift these guys in combat. Each can take a shield, bringing them to Defense 8, which is higher than you'll see on Imrahil, Eomer, or King Aragorn. Finally, between free Heroic Combats from Elendil and Isildur being able to use the Ring to sneak past the front lines of the enemy and launch a surprise assault, you can kill a lot of foes with these guys.

Recently, I got my hands on a big lot of models including Isildur and Elendil, who you can see below:

I hope to get some battle reports up soon - we'll see how that goes, but I can promise posts on Numenor and those adorable Shire models I snuck a glimpse of in the last picture. Until next time, happy hobbying!


  1. I didn't have a way to contact most of you otherwise, but I wanted to let you know that I've organized an SBG Tournament (Hobbit rules) for Saturday, January 20th at Huzzah Hobbies. All 24 slots are full at the moment, but you are more than welcome to bring an army and play a pick-up game, or to join in the Theme Game: "Faramir's Desperate Charge". The whole thing starts around 11 AM, and if you want to know more, you can check it out on Facebook, or email me at for more details.

  2. I also wanted to say that I have a good-sized Numenor force myself that I've used at the NOVA Open SBG tournament for the past two years. 3 Wins, 2 Losses in 2016, and 2 Wins, 3 Losses last year.