Sunday, April 24, 2016

TMAT 2016 Preview: The King's Champion

Hey everyone,

Long time no write, I know. Been working on a few things before a short trip this week, and got some time in for a picture or two. Behold, the (nearly finished) King's Champion and Heralds conversion for my upcoming TMAT list:
Here's the list (missing a few models I'm going to borrow from Glenstorm's collection). 10 of the units are Defense 5 and flexible skirmishers, while the rest are Defense 6 archers, D7 front-liners, or D8 (or D9!) heroes. 
Yeah, he's a beast, if you haven't seen his profile - potentially D9 with 5 Fate points and 3 Attacks (with 2 banner rerolls for the lower two dice) at F6 S5 - killer!
The banners came from two blisters of GW's Warhammer High Elf Lothern Sea Guard (excellent unit in big blocks). These were set on half-toothpicks, giving them not only a point to insert into the banner, but also remaining thick (as I've always assumed a Dwarf war standard would be).
The King's Champion (as well as the Heralds) come from a metal Dwarf Warrior blister and I've seen this particular model converted different ways to be Dain, Durin, etc. In this case, he's been given the two hand axes from the two shield-toting Dwarves in the set (who became the heralds) and got accented with a fur hide cloak (thematically won from a Dunlending) and two great tusks which he won in an epic battle with a feral Boar (parts actually came from my Warg blister - hurrah for base scenic modifications).
Also did some work on my Dwarf Shield-Bearer (DSB), who is a converted Dwarf Ranger. The black hair coming out was added on thanks to Dwalin from the first Hobbit movie, did some decorative stuff to his cape too...
A free-hand dragon - not the best, but pretty good given the size. Going with a dragon theme because his shield has a dragon too. Did some silver trim on the hem too, matching what I've done for Balin's cape as well.
Next week, I might post something before the GT, we'll see. I need to finish basing the models - planning on getting the KC up on something (not going to do that for the heralds - I think they'll stand out on their own). Until then, happy hobbying!


  1. Looks like you've been busy mate.

    On a rules note, being in range of 2 banners doesn't get you 2 re-rolls, it just means you are covering a wider range with banner support. Also, one of the recent FAQs had an update on the KC - specifying that if the heralds are separated (to include being in a different fight than the KC) they don't grant the def bonus.

    just a heads up so you can update your strategy ;)

    1. Ah, forgot about that with the banner rule. Thanks for reminding me. :)

      I was aware of the in-different-fights rule, so already planning on working to stop that. :)

  2. This should be fun - not really excited about trying to crack through his defenses, but I think a D8 line should stand up for a while against him. Worst case scenario, we'll just plan on killing more guys than the dwarves do, :P

    Win or lose, I look forward to finally seeing this guy in action!