Sunday, March 29, 2015

Busy Weekend: Workbench Products

Good morning gamers,

I had a very productive day yesterday and got a few projects done that have been sitting on the workbench for a LONG time. Most of them are woodland terrain pieces, so hopefully you'll get to see some Elf games coming up in the next few months. All of these are still WIP, but here's a look before they get to their final state.

1) Large Mountain

The mountain was provided to me as a free bonus after purchasing a new vacuum...great deal right? :P Spray painted dark brown with some added gravel to it, I'm preparing to paint it up grey in some spots (to include the rocks, I think) and add some towers and ladders. I think I even have some stone stairs that will be added too...
  2) Small Abandoned Wall

I'm growing my Wild/Lonelands collection to support my Weathertop map and this is one of the pieces. The wall is very low, providing a minor barrier bonus and an in-the-way for short/crouched models. Besides that, there's a rock and a "pillar stump" that might become a well. Not yet figured out what that will be. This too will get some gray and some grass flocking around some of the wall, pillar, and rock.
3) Small Woods

Three small woods that have been in my collection and in dire need of repair/creation since I started the hobby. Been working on twist-tie wire trees for a while and I think I have enough of them now. I need to add more flocking to the ground and find a way to get leaves on the trees, but we'll work on that later - especially with the following project...
4) Larger Wood

Ah, nothing like a woodland clearing with lots of trees surrounding an open space. Some of the entrances restrict deployment with woods that can be crossed through, while others are nice and wide, allowing for large battle lines to walk through. Tried to not mess up too many formations, but we'll see how much of this becomes woodland terrain and how much of it is open after the next spray-painting session (ran out before I could do this one).
Some Elves defending a copse of trees - you can see from here that an individual model can navigate through the tight trees.
Northern side, other models can walk through that one too.
That's it for now gamers - expect to see some additional content this week, as I try to get some detail work on my armies (especially Goblins and Elves)!

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  1. Nice work on the woodland clearings man - looking forward to helping you test those wood elves! :D