Saturday, February 28, 2015

WIP: Dwarves of Erebor

So we are fast approaching TMAT GT15 and... no posts?

Yeah, life has been a little crazy, but that doesn't mean the pre-tournament hobbying flurry has been lacking. Due to scheduling, we had a very narrow window of availability for this year's GT and so the tournament got pushed up earlier - cramming the hobbying window to a fairly uncomfortable size. But there is nothing quite like a time crunch to amp up the motivation burner, so yet again I dove into the pile of plastic and metal to bring up a whole-new army for tournament from the halls of Erebor.

For any of our long-time readers, you know that Tiberius is a longtime lover of Dwarves, and has written multiple tactica posts on the civ. Centaur also had dabbled with the longbeards, but up till now I have shied away from the civ. They just don't really fit my playstyle - slow movement, no support, etc. However I do love Dwalin and have been sitting on all three versions of the model and been dying to field him. . . I've also picked up a few stray dwarves here and there due to the "really cool model" effect. So for GT15 I decided to put them off the project pile and throw together an army that Dwalin can take into battle.

and how can you not want an army that looks like this?
I absolutely love the armor of the Erebor dwarves. Although not such a fan of the disheveled look of GW's Erebor warriors set. So I dug out a few boxes of Grim hammers and set to work hacking down some Warhammer bits to size. Unfortunately I didn't think to take WIP shots during the conversion stage. Today's post is just a fast down-and-dirty on progress as I still have a loooot of work to do and things are coming down to the wire (just taking a break while glue and modeling clay dries). So far only have the rough basecoats on. . . still needing to get through washes and highlights, but you get the general idea.

Dwarf Warriors with Bow (and occasionally dwarven dagger)
Dwarf Warriors with Shield on the Left, actual Grim hammers on the Right.

Warriors of Erebor with Spears and Shields

And just to round out the rest of the list...

Balin, Son of Fundin and his younger brother Dwalin
Dwarf Shieldbearer conversion (from old metal Dwarf warrior)

Khazad Guard: Ready to give their lives in defense of the king!

Iron Guard - because what's not to like about twin attacks and throwing weapons?

and the other project on the table - a display board for the army. I don't think
this one is going to make it in time for the GT, but it should look nice on the shelf, yes?

Back to the crafting tables we go...



  1. DWARVES!!! Nice conversions from Grim Hammers Z!

  2. Sweet conversions mate - looking forward to seeing them in the tourney (because let's face it: we basically always get paired at tournaments, :P )!