Sunday, February 1, 2015

First Ever PCTPTGTA - Contestant #2

Good morning again gamers,

We recently unveiled the first army in the grand "popularity contest" to determine what army I'm taking to tournament. For official rules, please follow the link above to the post from a few days ago. Today's army features the antithesis of Contestant #1 - an army of Dwarves!
The Moria Expeditionary Force: Durin's Folk Warbands
Warband 1:
The King's Champion [Army Leader]
4 Dwarf Warriors with shields
4 Dwarf Warriors with Dwarf bows
2 Khazad Guards

Warband 2:
Balin, Son of Fundin with Durin's Axe
2 Dwarf Warriors with shields
2 Khazad Guards
6 Dwarf Rangers with throwing axes
2 Dwarf Rangers with bows

Warband 3:
Dwarf Shield-Bearer
2 Dwarf Warriors with shields
2 Khazad Guards
6 Dwarf Warriors with Dwarf bows
2 Dwarf Rangers with throwing axes and two-handed axes

High Concept: This army sports the King's Champion - cheap banner support mixed with hgh defense and SO. MUCH. POWER! With the King's Champion, an attached DSB, and a hand-picked retinue of guards, any foe is in for a POUNDING. Balin's crew is once again filled with rangers, capable of harassing the enemy while still fielding 5 high defense warriors to keep the archers protected. This small hit-squad of 205 points is more than capable of killing its weight in points or holding a single objective from several waves of opponents.

Our final contestant will be revealed soon, but don't forget to view this page to cast your vote - views will stop counting on March 1st, so visit often until then!

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  1. Duuuuuude...duuuuuuude. So much D7 and power hitters in this army. Not gonna lie - hobbits are not looking forward to fighting this one if it shows up, :P I'll wait to see what the final army list is, but I'm leaning toward this one, :)