Friday, February 15, 2013

Harad update: Corsairs, Watchers, Serpents and more!

So with TMAT GT 2013 just three short weeks away, the crafting benches have been in a flurry to get my army ready for the battlefield. My force contains a mixture of Corsair Reavers, Serpent Guard, Watchers of Karna, and warriors with both bows and spears. Guess how many of those my collection supported before posting my army? =P

As you can see from my post here, the Corsair Reavers had been converted, but that is about it. But now, after a couple weeks of effort, they stand ready to take the field!

L-R former spear, 2 former swordsmen, and an archer
I will probably still do some additional highlighting/detailing... eventually, but at least they are tabletop quality and ready for the tournament

I love the way the Southron corsairs came out. The guy on the left had some jeweler's chain added, and I  was able to morph his shield into a sack of treasure. I sculpted hair on the center guy as well.

Next I had to find a way to get spears added to my archers. I cut up some bits of brass rod and filed them into points. Added a little grey stuff to articulate where the spearhead meets the shaft. Painted the entire thing brown, used some Bleached Bone (GW) to add bone detail to the blade, and picked out the wrappings with Dark Flesh (Game Color).

When you have 12 of these to do, it's hard to come up with variety.  Especially when you are working with already painted miniatures. Not a lot of room for conversions without completely redoing your previous work. 

My Watchers of Karna were next on the list. Unfortunately these models are not very conducive to being converted - unless you want to do some sort of weapon swaps (which I didn't have time for. there are still a half dozen more to come, so plenty of time for that). I did put one of them on a little rock, and Bane got a trophy tuft of beard hanging from his sword (courtesy of his valiant attack on the ancient seer in this battle). Given the difficult nature of shading/highlighting black, I made a mixture of dark gray with a touch of black, shaded with black wash, and then highlighted with the original mixture. I think it turned out pretty well:

a simple color scheme, but I rather like the ninja-esque result.

If I have time, I'd like to add some more detailing or maybe some freehand on the Corsairs and Watchers. But that totally depends on the progress I make on my final project: Serpent Guard conversions.

soooo much sculpting to do! 

Thankfully we are just about to head into a 3-day weekend. I'm trying to protect some hobbying time with all the social events that 3-day weekends tend to attract. All 12 of my Serpent Guards need new armor, capes (if not already modeled), pelts, swords, and new spears. We'll see how many of these I can manage this weekend. Wish me luck!



  1. Great work - can't wait to see how they turn out at the tournament (but I fully intend to get that tuft of hair back at the tournament). :P

  2. Good conversions so far - here's me wishing you luck on your weekend! :)

  3. ahhh... Quite the inspiration. Nice work.