Thursday, March 15, 2012

Uruk-Hai Month: Coming (Again) Soon!

Ok, so...I'll be frank and honest, I've been thinking about putting my Uruk-Hai up on Ebay and seeing what my bidders try to give me. The fact is, as cool as Uruk-Hai are, they're difficult to use in the Strategy Battle Game and other armies can get similar attributes for their units at a lower total price. Espeically since I have an army of Wood Elves, Uruk-Hai just don't cut it, so it can be really depressing when they do poorly.

But, after the TMAT tournament, I've gotten a bit of a push to get things started again (thanks Blakeney). So this time around, we're going to work on converting some pikemen into crossbows and a shaman. I'm hoping that this will add some resiliency to the army and provide an extra punch (and thrill) to the games played.

You can see here the Uruk army as currently prepared: 37 units with a basic paint job and bases prepared. Soon, these bases will be painted with scorching black and the units will receive a protective gloss coating to keep their paint from chipping. I'm hoping that the muted colors of the Uruks, along with the dull shine on their armor will make a striking contrast to my other armies. We'll see how that goes. 
You can see from this shot all of the Uruks sitting in their box. You can see across the middle there a few crossbows in their early stages. Any ideas for what I should do next? 
P.S. If anyone reading this post is interested in this army in its current condition and wishes to buy it for $60, I'll gladly take them up on the offer.


  1. Actually, methinks the Uruks do pretty decently against most armies. Your favored wood elf army is the major chink in their armor - that and you *really* need more than 1-2 ranged weapons. In the tournament the fighting Uruk-hai were pretty leathal against the high elves (the only reason that fight was a major victory for elves is because I got the crucial priority to take the high ground and then hit the choke points with 2 shield elves each who then proceeded to shield like the dickens - and no one less than a elite hero or troll is punching through 4 F5 dice quickly).

    Sure, you can drop your fight and courage values for morranons or blackshields to save a few points, or trade strength for courage with upgraded easterlings for lasting power, but the fighting Uruk-hai are as ├╝bermensch as they come

  2. As mentioned above, I'm trying to convert a few pikes into crossbows (the pikes have problems staying alive right now, so converting a few more into crossbows doesn't seem to be much of a problem). Hopefully this (in addition to getting/converting a shaman) will make the civ a bit more interesting. Right now though, they're a bit too one-note for my taste.

    If you all have any ideas as to how you would change up this army, please let me know!

  3. Thanks for the praise, Zorro -- it was a well-fought fight.

    Personally, I'd agree to a point with you, Tiberius, in that it is more expensive to run the heavy Uruk-Hai. I will say, though, that as a Rohan warrior that has often faced this army, it's really hard for non-Elves to face this force because of their high fight value, high strength, and high armor. Tread lightly in selling them, :)

    ...And, from the amount of my blood that's on their weapons, only $60? :P

  4. Hey, I'm a follower of your blog and, since you mentioned it in your last post, was wondering if we could maybe get together for a game sometime. I only got two other Lotr gamers in my area and it would be nice to play some other people. Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there. I also live in Virginia. If your interested just message me or respond to this post. Thanks.

  5. Hey James, I'm working out with the guys on this blog about a time to get together for some gaming. We'd love to play with you guys at some point. I know that Huzzah Hobbies off VA-7 has some nice tables to play on and tends to have LOTR gamers on Sundays. If you live anywhere around there, I'd like to see if we could set something up!