Monday, March 5, 2012

Conversion: Armored Legolas

For the second elf hero for my Rivendell army I opted to take the prince of Mirkwood with armor. However, seeing as GW doesn't make a version of Legolas with armor, I figured it would be a great opportunity for a bit of conversion work. Using a metal galadhrim archer as the base, I started with a simple head swap.

A view every elf opponent has longed to see: the pointy-eared princeling's head on a spike

I filled the gap under head by modeling hair and extending his cloak in the back. Not content with simply a Legolas wearing galadhrim armor, I added scale armor under his mail, extended the quiver, added exposed tunic at the waist, extended plate armor down leg, and added a sword & sash.

Considering that the elves of Mirkwood are related to Lothlorien, I'm okay with the galadhrim influence on the armor, but it is still different enough to be unique.

flesh: (GW) elf flesh with 2 coats (GW) orgyn flesh wash (this turned out a little darker than I intended)
hair: (GW) graveyard earth with drybrush of (GW) desert yellow
tunic: (GW) hawk turquoise
mail: (P3) Pig Iron with (P3) turquoise ink
armor: (P3) burnished gold with (P3) turquoise ink
cloak: (GW) graveyard earth
shoes/leather scale armor/quiver: (Game Color) dark flesh
bow: (p3) battlefield brown w (p3) burnished gold detailing
sash: (Game Color) Imperial blue
Finally a light wash of (GW) Devlan Mud was applied to the whole model (avoiding the skin)

This completes my Rivendell army - and just in time. The tournament is next weekend. 4 weeks of work later, the Vanguard of Rivendell is ready for battle. Fleet of foot, keen of blade, and with quivers full of death for the bastions of evil. The elves are going to war. 


  1. Nice Legolas -- and I really like the scale armor thrown in, :)

    Looking forward to some mauling next weekend from this guy! :D

  2. Nice work. Good luck at the tournament.

  3. The "armored Legolas" that GW has made is one that mimics the version of Legolas at Helm's Deep...which means he has shoulder plates...and straps...and pretty much doesn't have armor. I really, REALLY like the version you made. :)

  4. wow nice conversion, realy unique!

  5. Okay, Zorro -- when I said I was ready for a mauling in the tourney from this guy, I didn't mean as bad of a mauling as I got, :P

    Looking back over it, I don't know what you filled this guy's arm and eyes with when remodeling him, but he's a beast now, :)

    Congrats on the tourney!

  6. Fantastic Legolas. Makes me want to do one like this.