Saturday, January 28, 2012

A busy weekend...

So after a few hours of pre-planned conversions, Thorin and Company are really coming together. They're patterned after the few images that have been released of the Company when they're done. Here's a look at the changes that have been made at the moment.

The three models who have not received conversions (left to right): Fili, Gloin, and Kili. By and large, no major changes are planned for these units, but I'm undecided on that one. Gloin's axe will probably be receiving some putty to make it more like his axe in the picture above, and I've thought of giving swords in sheaths to Kili and Fili. Kili's left hand might be chopped off and turned a little for a more dynamic pose (and to distinguish him from his identical unit more).
Bifur (left) received the top of Nori's (right) bow shaft. Nori then got the mace top from a Dwarf Warrior (more on him later). In the images from the upcoming movie, Bifur has a bill weapon and a little putty has been added to give him that weapon. Nori wields a mace-head flail in the movie and will be losing the arrows on his back.
Oin, Dwalin, and Bombur received small conversions to their weapons. Oin's axe head went to one of the newly-edited Khazad Guards. Dwalin received the hammer-head from one of those Khazad Guards and will be further edited to resemble the hammer he wields in the movie. Oin took one of the base parts from Kili (who got a wood base, as seen above) and that will be fashioned to be more of a club-head as seen in the pictures. Bombur wields a laddle and has an axe on his back (made from the rest of Kili's base and the axe head from Dwalin).
Two of the Dwarf Warriors with two-handed axes have been given bows. The one to the left received the bow pieces from the Goblin Shaman model (converted archer), while the other Warrior (center) received Ori's bows (right). Ori's arrow tops were cut off and given to the Warrior, who carries them into combat, bow hanging on his back. Ori has received some putty to cover his head (and quiver) and his axe was given to him from Bombur (where his laddle is now, see above). I'm thinking about changing his hand's position to hold the axe horizontally, instead of vertically, but we'll see.
The final members of the company are (left to right) Dori, Thorin, and Bofur. Dori carries a sword, which came from one of the jumping Goblins. The sword will be reshaped to imitate the sword he carries in the pictures, but this change is forthcoming. Thorin changed his sword arm with a Rohan rider (thanks Glenstorm) and has one of the axes from a Khazad Guard (got the axe from the center Dwarf Warrior with bow above). This axe will be edited to imitate the axe he carries in the picture at the top. Bifur's axe has been edited to resemble the hammer-mattock weapon he carries in the picture at the top. A little putty will be added to the back of the weapon to make it smoother.
With this note, we have the in progress state of the Dwarf Ranger company of Thorin Oakenshield. You may be asking the question, "But there's 13 Dwarves...where's Balin?" To the few nerds who noticed, yes, Balin isn't here. That's mostly because I already have a Balin figure and don't have a problem making a custom figure for him. Since I'm looking at adding their names to their bases, I don't want two Balin figures. :-P

Be on the look out for more hobby projects here as well as the long-delayed Fellowship vs. Goblins game "Trapped in the Misty Mountains."


  1. very. very. schweet. I can't wait to see the final project.

    I have a number of swords that I bought from Perry miniatures if you need a few for Kili and Fili

  2. Dude, that's awesome! I'll be sure to include pics of my new orc army conversions as well, :)