Thursday, January 26, 2012

And more new arrivals...

. . . albiet in a slightly larger format.

I'd say welcome, but being the newcomer that seems somewhat out out of place. Tiberius has been looking for additional content to add to this blog, and graciously invited me to add my two pence as a guest poster from time to time. As the token wielder of the golden horde which corrupts even the staunchest of heroes, I suppose I can afford it.

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates – particularly on the crafting side. I don't tend to get in as many games as Gaius and Tiberius do, but since being dragged into the world of miniatures a year ago by them, I've taken a shine to the hobbying aspect of the game rather keenly. So while you won't see many battle reports from the lands of Haradwaith (other than the ones Tiberius drafts up), I hope to share a few special projects or various tips and tricks now and then about painting and customizing LOTR miniatures.

And for a quick sample of things to come:

small bits of modeling clay can be used to add additional details to your miniatures--like this troll's bling--for some additional panash
when your army consists of vast quantities of basic troops, changing things up now and then can really help make your army pop on the tabletop

minor (or sometimes full) conversions of miniatures, and/or special attention to base details will help your heroes stand out from the horde, giving them the chance to attain the glory they well deserve (until they wiff their dice roll at least)

with patience, practice and a steady paintbrush, there is no end to the realism you can bring to this miniaturized scale (it also helps to have a personnel consultant on hand to point out when your steeds have "utterly impossible" coloration issues)

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  1. hah! yes...I'm your "animal expert" ;-) I like that you posted the one horse I painted... :-D