Monday, September 16, 2019

The Fellowship: Concerning Hobbits, Revisited

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The Fellowship is full of powerful heroes – heroes who are in many ways the top of their class for what they do. Who can kill as many models (no matter how high their Defense or Fight Value stats are) as Aragorn? How many archers can out-shoot Legolas? What heroes are as tough to crack as Gimli (okay, there are a few tougher than him, but none are at his cost level)? Who can out-Might Boromir (besides Aragorn and Azog on the White Warg – both of who cost a good bit more than Fellowship Boromir, by the way)?

Yes, the Fellowship has lots of powerful heroes. But these powerful heroes can only do so much – Aragorn will often use his free Might point each turn to call that needed Heroic Move or Heroic March or Heroic Strike, but he can’t call all of them for free in the same turn (and what if he needs to boost a die to win a fight?). Legolas can be lethal from a distance, but there are times when he’s going to let you down (either because the targets are tough or because terrain obscures the perfect shot). Gimli can deal a lot of damage and take a lot of damage, but eventually the crowds will press and crush him. Boromir is a great hero, but with Defense 6, 3 Wounds, and 0 Fate points, he can be incredibly fragile. To solve this problem, the Fellowship must rely on four (or five?) of its members: the Hobbits. While their profiles aren’t as impressive as the rest of the Fellowship, they fulfill an important part of the army’s need: something cheap to hold off part of the horde to allow your power heroes time to “do their thing.”

In many ways, the hobbits are my favorite part of a Fellowship army – not because of what they can do, but because they never cease to surprise me. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Armies of Middle-Earth SBG: The Easterlings in the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game

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Having wrapped the forces of good at Pelennor Fields (MinasTirith, Rohan, the Fiefdoms, the Rangers of the North, and the Dead of Dunharrow [coming!]), it’s time to get evil again. While Mordor took center stage, they had a host of allies at their beckon call. Today we look at their heavily-armored allies from the north-east, the Easterlings of Rhun (even if they only made a single, brief cameo).

I’ve always liked the look of easterlings aesthetically (like I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for heavily-armored infantry of any kind), red-gold color palate is remarkably rich. They’ve been a staple in the TMAT group for a long time (check out our pre-MESBG resources at the end), and recently I’ve had a closer look at them, since one of my sons has a Battle Company of Easterlings (chosen solely because of the Rhunish Drake). Marshall the gleaming  horde!

Photo Credit: Jacob Miller

Monday, September 9, 2019

The Fellowship's Tactical Units, Revisited

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This post kicks off a new series where we revisit a series we did back in 2012 on the Fellowship of the Ring – and we’ll be covering the Auric heroes of the fellowship first (old post here). Gandalf the Grey has already been covered on this blog (since the new rules were released, I covered him in the context of Thorin’s Company and Rythbryt covered him in his post on the Fellowship of the Ring), so we’ll only be covering his tactical uses briefly. While we covered Gandalf the White last time, he’s no longer part of the list. Whether this was the right call or not, we won’t be covering him (though those who like Gandalf the White should read our posts on him). We’ll be spending a good bit of time covering Bill the Pony and the tactics for using the “tenth” member of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Armies of Middle-Earth SBG: The Fiefdoms in the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game

After the sprawling thematic tableaus that are Minas Tirith and Rohan, the Fiefdoms army list may seem a little... confined? But don't let that put you off your guard. This list is a power-house, packed with powerful named heroes, fantastic warrior profiles, great synergies, and so, so, so many Heroes of Valor. So gather your wing-crested helmet and mount your noble steed. To Gondor! (By way of Dol Amroth, of course.)

Photo Credit: Evan Amundsen

Monday, September 2, 2019

Workbench Update: Mordor

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I’ve been spending time recently updating my Rivendell and Numenor armies (giving them the tender loving care they deserve). Last time, we gave some tender loving care to my Angmar forces. Today, our attention turns to an army that I’ve enjoyed playing, and will enjoy using a lot more now: Mordor. Mordor is seeing a new model, as well as some conversions and weapon swaps, so let’s get into it!