Friday, March 15, 2019

The Armies of the Hobbit, Part IV: Men

Good morning gamers,

In our last post, we looked at the armies of the Dwarves from the Hobbit. Today, we turn our attention to the armies of men. While I don't think any of these lists are as impressive (or competitive) as the Dwarf armies we looked at, they do spam more, so if you can advantage of those numbers, you have the opportunity to best lists that are composed of "better" units.

1) The New Lists: Garrison of Dale, Army of Lake-town, and Survivors of Lake-town

All three of the lists provided here revolve around spam units - the warrior options are incredibly limited (both in the number of warrior choices available, as well as the equipment provided. Like Numenor, this means that weapon swaps can be useful to provide some flavor to your army (and supplement weaknesses). It also helps to have some kind of power hero in your list to do extra damage (whether that's a hero from the list itself or an allied hero). All told, the relative inexpensiveness of the warriors in these lists allows for many weapon swaps and bringing expensive heroes. Since all of these lists can also get spears/bows, you can get a pretty "normal" army to support said heroes.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Return of the (Numenorean) King (Or, How Heroic Strength helps Elendil... and your hero, too! ... if they actually win the fight)

So far, we’ve looked at Heroic Strength solely in terms of the benefits it can confer if our hero loses the fight. In part 1, we looked at how Heroic Strength can protect heroes who are swarmed by cavalry models or find a Mordor troll up in their grill, by shrugging off knock-downs, offering us cheeky ways to blunt what monsters usually do well, making us too heavy to hurl and harder to rend, and keeping our all-important mount under our hero’s heroic tushy. And in part 2, we examined how, depending on the opponents we’re facing, Heroic Strength may even provide comparable (or better) protection than Heroic Defense.

All of this should give us some confidence that if we expend Might to call Heroic Strength, there are at least some scenarios (which also happen to be particularly dangerous scenarios) where we’re probably going to see at least some return on our investment even if we lose the duel. Now let’s consider how Heroic Strength can help our hero if he wins the fight.

More maths! More charts! To war!

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Armies of the Hobbit, Part III: Dwarves

Good morning gamers,

In our last two posts, we saw the Orc-based armies and the "other" Evil armies. Today, we turn our attention to the Dwarves. I'll say from the start that the bearded fellows are near-and-dear to my heart, not only because I started playing the game with the LOTR Dwarf army options, but also because I converted some Dwarf Rangers when the Hobbit movies came out so I could have Thorin's Company in the game (I've since acquired Thorin's Company, so those Dwarves are going through the renaming/repainting process).

1) The New Lists: Thorin's Company, Army of Thror, The Iron Hills, Erebor Reclaimed

We're tackling four lists today and they all do different things: the lists provide options to run an all-hero list (Thorin's Company), a mixture of power heroes and some basic warriors (Erebor Reclaimed), a handful of named heroes with tough melee infantry and no long-range shooting options (Army of Thror), and an army with a handful of hero choices and a large mix of warrior choices (The Iron Hills). All told, by investing in at least one Dwarf army from the Armies of the Hobbit book, you get access to MANY different playing styles. Ergo, picking one can be difficult (hence this post).