Monday, February 2, 2015

First Ever PCTPTGTA - Contestant #3

Good morning again gamers,

Our first contestant in the popularity contest (rules in the previous list) was a Goblin list with a dragon and the second contestant was a hardened army of Dwarves. In this final list, we hearken back to a TMAT army I ran two years ago and look to Isengard!
The Scions of the White Hand: Isengard Warbands
Warband 1:
Saruman the Colorful [Army Leader]
8 Uruk Warriors with shields
4 Orc Warriors with spears

Warband 2:
4 Uruk Marauders with shields
4 Uruk Marauders with Orc bows
4 Orc Warriors with shields

Warband 3:
8 Uruk Warriors with shields
4 Orc Warriors with spear

High Concept: Fielding Saruman with just Uruk-Hai tends to mean you either 1) go the LOME route and lose all your other heroes to field him (which is what happened two years ago) or you 2) go the Warband route and have a mid-30s number of guys. With this army, however, we've capitalized on the ability to get cheap spearmen (low defense, low fight value, yeah, I know) in order to max out 3 warbands of guys and buy you time for your Uruks to do their dirty-work. The 12 Orcs in this list cost nearly the same as 7 Uruks, which means the 5 additional units enable you to fight man-to-man against most armies and still have the tricks that Saruman provides.

The three competitors are in, so don't forget to view this page before March 2nd to make your vote count!

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